Student-Athlete Questionnaire

Student-Athlete Questionnaire

This form is for official incoming student-athletes who have a reserved roster spot on a Georgia Gwinnett College team. (Prospective student-athletes, who are not yet in contact with GGC Athletics, but wish to be recruited, should submit their information in a separate location, titled "Recruiting" on each sport's home page.)

For official incoming student-athletes, this form must be completed prior to any competition with GGC. Please complete the following information to the best of your ability. This provides background information for publicity purposes, including how you wish your name to be displayed. The more thoroughly you complete this form, the more information can be utilized for official bio pages such as online and in media guides.

Your submission gives the GGC Office of Athletics permission to use any and all information, including any data accumulated prior to or during your career at GGC, and you waive your right not to have this information released under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Released information may typically include, but is not limited to: game participation statistics; pertinent personal data such as name, position, hometown, class, and past schools attended; athlete’s comments for use in feature articles; videos/photographs; pertinent medical information in consultation with the team trainer/doctor and head coach. Academic information released is limited to academic records of a positive nature for promotion with the mass media or for conference or national athletic-academic honors.

The information obtained here is subject to public scrutiny or release. You further agree that GGC owns all rights related to any audio, video or photographic images taken of you by the College or individuals/organizations hired by the College during your time representing the GGC program.

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